Basic Income

Greshm is like PayPal®
but you get free money
every day

Printing Money

Under the gold standard, we created paper money that was as good as gold. The US dollar is the gold that underlies the Greshm system.

The only way to implement basic income is by continually creating new money. Project Greshm has developed a mechanism to generate that money.

You will not have to "buy in" to participate. Greshm is free. We plan to organize the project as a nonprofit to manage Greshm for the benefit of everyone.

USD Reserves

Project Greshm maintains a reserve of US dollars. When people withdraw money into their bank accounts, that money comes from our reserves.

When people make payments that exceed their Greshm balance, we draw the difference from their linked bank accounts. This adds to the USD reserves.

Money can be withdrawn from Greshm only after sitting for a period of days. This encourages people to spend their money. When people spend money, it protects Greshm's USD reserves.

Alex Howlett


Alex Howlett is the founder of Project Greshm. He knows that you would have lots of questions for him if you didn't think he was crazy and wrong.

You might as well check out the overview, read the 5-page Greshm white paper, and then help out Alex by letting him know what's wrong with it.